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10 Reasons to Join the Nisqually Valley Home & Garden Show

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10 Reasons to Participate in the 2022 Nisqually Valley Home and Garden Show

  1. Having a booth in the Home and Garden Show is for much more than just selling a product. You are meeting your customers in person, showing them you’re more than just your brand! People are more likely to make a purchase when they know exactly WHO they are supporting.
  2. Many people attending the Home and Garden Show are ready to buy or ready to make an appointment! Make sure to have a way to take all forms of payment as well as a way to take orders and make appointments.
  3. Participating in the Home and Garden Show means you get to see your competition in person, make sure you introduce yourself!
  4. Home and Garden Shows are ideal for test marketing and presenting new products to our area! Bringing your newest products and innovations you get to see customer reactions firsthand!
  5. For some businesses a Home and Garden show is the only way a customer can see/hold your product in person, rather than just viewing photos online and reading reviews. By offering tester products or samples customers can get a real feel for your brand and products!
  6. At the Nisqually Valley Home and Garden Show we have 2000+ visitors over the course of 2 days! Participating in this event means you are gathering personal connections and getting your face as well as your name in customer’s heads!
  7. With the Home and Garden Show you have a unique opportunity to get your brand in customers hands, maybe on their reusable bags or reusable straws! By handing out free items your extending your reach past the confines of your booth. Imaging someone just walking in to the show sees one of your reusable bags and decided to seek you out to get one! Guess what, now they’re inside your booth! Use these opportunities to make personal connections that move beyond your booth.
  8. Show off your brand and creativity by creating a photo booth or photo op spot that encourages visitors to stop and take some photos! Make sure to put your logo or slogan in the background so they’ll remember your name!
  9. The Home and Garden Show isn’t only for gardeners! Many local small businesses participate, from furniture and kitchen ware to locally handmade soaps and even jewelry! No matter what your brand includes you have a place in the Home and Garden Show, we are so much more than garden gnomes!
  10. By attending the Nisqually Valley Home and Garden Show you will see many local faces, including ours! Come say hi, take a photo and see what else the Yelm Chamber of Commerce has going on throughout 2022!

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