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Rock the Nisqually Valley Home & Garden Show with These 10 Tips

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The 2020 Nisqually Valley Home & Garden Show is coming up on April 25th and 26th and you want to showcase your best self. Of course, that means sending a good team that represents your business well, having an enticing set up, and giving away something worthwhile in the eyes of the attendees.

But what can you do to really stand out from the crowd at your next business expo?

Here are a few things you may not have thought of:

10 Tips to Rock the Nisqually Valley Home & Garden Show

  1. Attend to needs. No one can listen to your business spiel if they need something physical. Often that shows up in the form of rest needed for tired feet, a cool drink of water to satiate thirst, or the EXTREMELY important…charge for their dying phone. Be an oasis in the midst of the show by providing for all the attendees’ basic needs. When you give something to someone or assist them in some way, they’ll feel obligated to listen to your pitch; at least until their phone is charged.
  2. Tell them why they should come. Every business has marketed their expo appearance by saying something along the lines of “Stop by and see us at booth 444!” This boring exercise doesn’t drive participant to action. Instead, give them a reason to come see you! Get creative!
  3. Contact existing customers you know will be there. Invite existing customers to stop by for a thank you gift. This makes your customers feel good and ensures people will stop by to talk to you. Also, other attendees will see how you treat your customers and want to be a part of that. If you need promotional items, reach out to current Yelm Chamber members who can help you!
  4. Reach out to attendees before the event and give them something valuable. A great place to reach out to attendees is through the Nisqually Valley News’ official show program. Our chamber members get a discount on their advertising package and you can reach the show attendees before the event!
  5. Use the show hashtag early and often. Share helpful information no social media using the show hashtag. The show host may even share your content! You can start using #nisquallyhomeshow2020 today!
  6. Ask how you can help. If you have some extra time, ask if you can help the show organizers set up or tear down. This can give you a little extra exposure and keep you top of mind for the show hosts.
  7. Tell your story. Create a video that tells your story, invites others to come see you, and draws attendees in.
  8. Select a prime spot. Location! Location! Location! Prime spots include near the food, on the end of an aisle, at the corners, or at the entrance. Find out how your trade show assigns locations and then work with them to get a good one.
  9. Look for complementary services. If prime locations aren’t an option, look for businesses that cater to the same demographic that you do. For instance, if you are a “mommy and me” business, being located among senior citizen homes may not be idea. However, you may do very well near a toy company or diaper service booth.
  10. Choose the upgrades. Trade shows and business expos often have a lot of options and upgrades you can benefit from. The Nisqually Valley Home Show offers sponsorships, outside advertising, program guide advertising, and a scavenger hunt to bring more attendees to you!

These tips can help you be more successful at your next show. Just keep in mind no one likes a hard sell anymore. Look for ways you can be of service and you’ll quickly make a name for yourself at the shows.

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