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4 Ways to Structure Your Day for Success

Productivity is always a big push at the beginning of the year. Everyone wants to do more with less, less money, less time, and fewer resources. This article will show you four ways to structure your day for greater success in achieving your goals. The one that best works for you is a personal decision […]

Chamber Business Awards Nominations Open

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year but we are pleased to get to celebrate the businesses that make our community an amazing place to live, work, shop, and play. The Yelm Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the opening of nominations for the 2020 Chamber Business Awards. We will be accepting nominations […]

30 Ways to Drum up Business When It’s Slow

Nearly all businesses experience the cyclical doldrums. For many, that’s the end of January or February when the weather is bad and no one wants to go out. But regardless of when your slow time is, it’s never a good time for the small business owner, no matter how predictable. Here are several ideas to […]

Most Common International Fire Code Violations for Businesses

Most Common International Fire Code (IFC) Violations for Businesses In an effort to better serve you and help you to prevent fire hazards in your business, the following information is provided to you on behalf of S.E. Thurston Fire Authority. A list of the Most Common International Fire Code Violations (IFC 2015) can assist you […]