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Letter from the President

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Dear Yelm Chamber Members,

Denise Hibbeln, President

As president of the Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce I want to assure you of the viability and vitality of your chamber moving forward.

We have had turnover in our executive director position after Cecelia Jenkins retired after 30 years serving the chamber. She left large shoes to fill after all those years of dedicated work on your behalf.

Most recently our Executive Director Victoria Wortberg resigned as she was offered a desired position within the Thurston County Economic Development Council.

The good news is that Victoria worked long hours putting together several programs and built upon the foundation Cecelia set placing the Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce in a positive direction.

On behalf of the board of directors, we are happy to announce our new Executive Director Line Critchfield. Many of you are aware of the talents she brings to the chamber and that she served as assistant to the chamber director with Cecelia. I believe Line is perfect for the job: hard working, pleasant, is a true Yelmite and knows the needs of the chamber. Please welcome her back and we look forward to fulfilling our mission in assisting the growth of local business in the Nisqually Valley.

The mission and direction of the chamber has not changed. During the January Strategic Planning Session the board of directors renewed their commitment to being the primary champion for our local businesses. The chamber is dedicated to working toward the growth and betterment of the city of Yelm and surrounding areas specifically by responding to the needs of the business community.

The near future will be an important time for our chamber and our community. We are here to help businesses thrive but we can’t do it without you. I encourage all local businesses to join the chamber as we hope you partner with us and take advantage of the many benefits of membership. As current members we welcome your input anytime at   info@yelmchamber.com.

Finally, please take some time and enjoy everyone’s favorite time of year in Yelm — the Prairie Days Parade and festivities kick off Thursday, June 23 with the Parade beginning at 7 p.m. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the prairie and support our local businesses.

Yours in business,

Denise Hibbeln
Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce

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